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“I’ve been to a few local schools recently and the behaviour here in lessons, assembly, and around the
school is so impressive”

Councillor Kate Stock

“Just wanted to thank you and everyone at Falconbrook for your wonderful performance and for being part of our wonderful community concert. We loved your children’s singing and congratulations on being so superb.”

Sahana Gero MBE
Artistic Director, World Heart Beat

“Thank you so much for welcoming us so to Falconbrook Primary School last Tuesday. We are so grateful that Shirley Clarke encouraged us to visit your school.  It was admirable to see how professionally you and your staff are working there and we were overwhelmed seeing how happy, well behaved and motivated your students are. We learned so much from our visit especially how important it is to have great expectations for all students.”

Nanna Kristín Christiansen
Project Manager, Reykjavik City – Department of Education & Youth

“To date, the classes have been brilliant. The children have really got onboard with us, which is great. And they are all so polite and well behaved, it’s been a pleasure.”

Wandsworth Regeneration Project

“I wanted to thank you and all at Falconbrook for being part of the community Christmas concert, at York Library this year. It was truly a really lovely concert and your choir were absolutely amazing and really wonderful. 

Thank you for bringing so much joy, oneness and excellence to make our community what it is and the concert so lovely.”

Sahana Gero MBE
Artistic Director, World Heart Beat


“I’m really happy I attended this session.’ 

‘The children were very confident in the lesson.’

Falconbrook parents after attending KS2 maths workshop

Thank you so much for putting in the effort to make Falconbrook a perfect environment for all children.

Falconbrook parent