Vision & Values


Respect – Care – Aspire

We want Falconbrook to provide a caring, safe and inclusive environment which supports creativity and encourages the aspirations of our children and our community.

We want our children, our staff and our communities to develop and achieve – constantly learning, reflecting and innovating so that we are delivering our best, and our best keeps getting better.


  • Respect, so that our children, our families and our staff feel safe and welcome.
  • Equality, so that differences are embraced, and everyone is included and celebrated.
  • Kindness, so that Falconbrook is a place where everyone feels safe, nurtured and happy and enjoy making others feel the same way too.
  • Honesty, so that our children know the importance of being trustworthy, reliable and fair.
  • Responsibility, so that our children demonstrate the right learning and social behaviours, and make a positive contribution to their families, community and society.
  • Determination, so that everyone thinks with a growth mind-set and doesn’t give up even when things get hard.