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Thank you Tideway for the grant that paid for our new EYFS shelter.

Sponsor us -Make a positive change!

When you sponsor our school, you don’t just help the children who are attending that school at that time; you will affect the learning outcomes for hundreds of children in the years to come. Your generosity can make a real difference to the life opportunities for children in the local community.  School sponsors play an invaluable part in making a school a success. Your donations give us the opportunity to provide excellent learning facilities that we might not be able to provide without the additional funds.

Your generosity can make a real and long-lasting difference to children’s lives.

At Falconbrook there are several ways that you can offer sponsorship.

We are currently raising money to pay for a large playground development project. Much of our playground equipment is very old and has reached the end of its lifespan. We are having to remove it so that the learning environment is safe for the children at Falconbrook.

If you would like to donate towards one aspect of the school playground development project, please contact the School Business Manager 0207 228 7706 or email .

These are things we would like to do: 

  • Install a new trim trail in the KS2 playground
  • Install a climbing / play structure in the KS1 playground
  • Renew the soft surfacing areas

We also have a few suggestions on how you could help with donations: 

  • A bundle of ten picture books for EYFS £15
  • A bundle of ten picture books for KS1 £20
  • A bundle of ten paperback books for KS2 £25
  • A selection of giant games or playground activities for EYFS £100
  • A selection of giant games or playground activities for KS1 & KS2 £100 each